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DNA of a Leader: Kim Ressler, CEO ÜFORIA Science®

From the moment I understood how our DNA impacts our potential for optimal health, I was excited to discover more. ÜFORIA brings into awareness who you are and what you’ve inherited and gives you the exact foundational resources your body needs to live your best life.
– Kim Ressler, CEO ÜFORIA Science®

When Kim Ressler woke up the morning of Sept 12, 2018, she had no idea a mid-day phone call would set into motion a series of events which would change the trajectory of her life. 

The new trajectory, it turns out, would bring Ressler’s past, present and future into shockingly perfect alignment. Within three short years, this perfect alignment would lead Ressler to the position of a lifetime: as CEO of Üforia Science®. 

But on this day, Kim wasn’t thinking about alignment, per se. She was getting the youngest of four kids off to elementary school, still unpacking from a recent move from Boise, Idaho (back) to Southern California and was attempting to navigate the murky waters of a myriad mysterious, sudden-onset issues such as fatigue.

In fact, several respected healthcare providers in Idaho and California had tried (and failed) to determine the source(s) or solution(s) of/for Ressler’s discomfort. Concerned Ressler had hit a wall, Ressler’s husband had spent the previous two days urging Ressler move forward in scheduling a DNA test to ensure she’d covered all her bases.

Despite her total lack of energy, when Ressler’s phone rang and caller ID lit up, she smiled in anticipation of the familiar voice she was about to hear on the other end of the line. 

Danny Kirby. Since it’s not Christmas, you’re calling me for an opportunity, aren’t you?

Kirby was Ressler’s friend from “back in the day,” when Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” was number one and plaid, “mom jeans” and grunge were all the rage. 

Kim! You’re right. It’s not Christmas. And yes, I do… 

Danny, I’m not looking for an opportunity, but thank you, I am really busy with…. 

Kim, you don’t have to be looking. Opportunity is looking for you. Hear me out.

Ressler put Kirby on muted speaker and had just begun collapsing an empty moving box when she heard Kirby say something about DNA…and…customized nutrition. 

As it turns out, no three words could have peaked Ressler’s interest more than DNA (and) customized nutrition.

The timing was uncanny. Not only had Ressler’s husband just been talking about DNA testing, but Ressler had just recently been made aware of the relationship between genetics and nutrition. 

Ressler picked up the phone and took Kirby off mute. 

Now, at this point in time, Üforia Science wasn’t even running DNA reports. Nor did it have any products ready for sale. Kirby’s “opportunity” call was a private invitation to Ressler to be on the founding level of a visionary, direct-sales company positioned to do nothing less than shift paradigms in global health and wellness.

Fast forward twenty-four hours. Ressler is officially aligned with Kirby on his Üforia Science “team” and Ressler has extended her four, private invitations to friends and family who also said ‘yes’ to Kirby’s no-brainer proposition.

Fast forward six months. Ressler is one of ÜFORIA’s top leaders, growing her business by leaps and bounds with individuals and medical professionals alike.

Soon, the mountain of personal-impact stories shared with Ressler became the driving force still guiding her today. Jaw-dropping testimonials in the form of voice-mail messages, texts and emails came in by the dozens. Ressler’s own life had also been transformed. 

Ressler had a gift. This was apparent from the start. Her team immediately excelled from her mentorship and guidance. Within a year, Ressler grew an impressive following of loyal customers, and her leadership potential soon became crystal clear to those behind the scenes of ÜFORIA Science®.  

Unbeknownst to Ressler, her success in the field was so far beyond what anyone else was doing that she didn’t see it coming when, in October of 2021, she was asked to consider being Üforia’s chief executive officer. At first, Ressler couldn’t imagine working anywhere but in the field. She was already committed to growing ÜFORIA’s purpose, products and people.

What could be better? 

The only thing better than the chance to change lives running her own successful Üforia business, she realized, was the chance to help thousands of others do the same. She was certain ÜFORIA was the future of health and knew her own future was with Üforia-- no matter where, or in which capacity, she served.

The rest is history.

And future.

Next week, Ressler will have been at the helm for two months. In this time, she has tilled the soil, so to speak, rolling up her sleeves laying the ground-work for ÜFORIA’s ultimate evolution. 

Her goal? To position ÜFORIA as a global leader in health and human potential. 

Speaking of her journey today, Ressler says she is grateful for the almost three-decades-long friendship with Kirby and of the chance he took to tell her about the opportunity that changed her life. Because of Kirby, Ressler has changed the lives of so many others. 

Through ÜFORIA, Ressler has learned to never assume others won’t be interested in the opportunities or solutions she has to share. She is in awe that while Kirby had no idea if or why what he had to say to Ressler would resonate with her, he didn’t have to. He had learned years ago that getting to “yes,” was part luck, or maybe even Divine intervention. But either way, his “job” was to share the full opportunity. And allow others to make up their minds. 

And share he did. 

In a future post, we’ll share about Danny Kirby. We’ll hear his story and learn what made him say “yes” to ÜFORIA. We’ll also glean insights from Kirby’s years of success in direct sales and reveal Kirby’s top three secrets to being a dare-to-share super star. 

After Kirby, we’ll feature another remarkable ÜFORIA field leader. 

So, stay tuned for upcoming leader profiles which will aim to connect you to the humans building, growing, and leading ÜFORIA. We promise to inspire you with the lessons they’ve learned in the field and beyond.

Danny Kirby (field leader) and Kim Ressler (CEO), 2019

Author bio:

Corey Colwell is Chief Marketing Officer for ÜFORIA Science®. She has known Kim Ressler even longer than Danny Kirby; the two met in 1989 at a leadership camp on the Lake Michigan shore. Colwell is also an author, speaker and brand strategist in the health, wellness, and lifestyle realms. She has written, contributed to or been featured in hundreds of media outlets including Los Angeles times, Mothering and Good Morning America. Colwell’s youngest daughter, now seventeen, was one of the first documented “cases” of epilepsy in the Pacific Northwest to be cured through food.